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Originally Posted by iDumb
who said it isnt. by tomorrow a lot of things would normalize. lower manhattan got power back, subway resumed majority of tracks... airports are open.

this event brings 300 million dollars for the city....the loss probably reduced a bit unethically by announcing cancellation so late....

i dont think not having the marathan would bring power and restoration to staten island any day sooner.....

a lot of the restoration workers you bring are from out of state as contractors......1 wouldnt necessarily stop the other.....

personally, i think since they screwed up the plan to posptpone it ahead of sandy, and was adamant till friday that it would go on, it should have gone on. i dnt think they had an oops moment on friday that it is too unsafe. this decision was to satisfy public emotion. usually bloomberg is good, i really like him but brother screwed up this time.

Bhai, lower Manhattan' doesn't represent Greater NYC. There are still many places where things are still normal. My friend's house has been severely damaged by a fallen tree and the help is yet to reach there. And there are hundreds if not thousands of houses like that who are still waiting for help.

This marathon could've easily been postponed by a week or two. There is a time and place for everything and IMHO this week wad definitely not the right time..
You are entitled to your opinion and so am I. So let's agree to disagree..
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