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Originally Posted by roman
Bhai, lower Manhattan' doesn't represent Greater NYC. There are still many places where things are still normal. My friend's house has been severely damaged by a fallen tree and the help is yet to reach there. And there are hundreds if not thousands of houses like that who are still waiting for help.

This marathon could've easily been postponed by a week or two. There is a time and place for everything and IMHO this week wad definitely not the right time..
You are entitled to your opinion and so am I. So let's agree to disagree..
i know lower manhattan doesnt represent whole ny. my point was things are getting back.... lights for lower manhattan was easiest to bring because it was cpvoluntariy shut off. anywyas, no marathan isnt gonna help ur friend fix his house anytime sooner.

the fact that u think marathan can be "easily" postponed a week or two show u havent thought about it. pppl are coiming from all over the world and had made arrangements minths ahead, u cnat just reschedule events 48 hrs before.......

i guess politically it was the easy thing to do to satisfy ppl like you... but not necessarily the right move....

city needs money to help doesnt come from air....

anyways i have tendency to think from economic pov....
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