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[quote=iDumb;1596654]i know lower manhattan doesnt represent whole ny. my point was things are getting back.... lights for lower manhattan was easiest to bring because it was cpvoluntariy shut off.

I thought the lower Manhattan blackout happened due to an explosion at the ConEd Substation at 14th street.

Originally Posted by iDumb
the fact that u think marathan can be "easily" postponed a week or two show u havent thought about it. pppl are coiming from all over the world and had made arrangements minths ahead, u cnat just reschedule events 48 hrs before
Many NYers who lost their power or homes are staying in hotels. NYC hotels are pretty much packed with them. I wouldnt kick those needy people out of their hotel rooms just to accomodate those out of town runners..

Originally Posted by iDumb
i guess politically it was the easy thing to do to satisfy ppl like you... but not necessarily the right move....
People like me? Hmmm..Why that tone bro?

Originally Posted by iDumb
city needs money to help doesnt come from air....
City needs money. Not denying it but city can survive one or 2 weekends without the marathon. Thanx giving and Christmas are knocking on the door and you know how many tourists will come to NYC during that time.

Originally Posted by iDumb
anyways i have tendency to think from economic pov.
I cant deny that Marathon will be good for city's economy. But the city can survive without the marathon, but people can not survive without food, water and heat. We should focus on Human life first. There are thousands of elderly and immobile people stuck in their apartments, thousands without power and heat, shortage of drinking water, many roads and subway lines are still closed. People are literally fighting with each other for food and gas (You really need to visit those affected areas if you havent done s. you'll be surprised. I know I was) Despite all these facts, do you still want to deploy your precious generators, police, city resources and thousands of volunteers to that event when they can do so much more? If so, I rest my case...
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