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roman, there was no bad tone, when i said people like you, it sounded bad perhaps... I meant to say there would be significant amount of people opposing the marathon, just like you, who are convinced that victims of sandy should take priority over life.

and regarding lower manhattan lights out, i think it is both the fire in substation and volunteer shut off as to preserve con ed equipments from damage.

having cleared that out, I still don't agree with you. Yes there are many people who are in dire need of help, but there are also millions of people who weren't affected at all. This is a VAST city, i don't see the logic behind why everything should stop till all the "victims" are back on their feet. It will take months, for some years to go back to being normal. That doesn't mean the world has to stop.

2 months post 9/11, tragedy that literally changed the whole world, marathon was held in NYC. 2 freaken months.... becuase that was the normal thing to do. Over past 40 years, this event hasn't been cancelled once. Man just go outside today, go around central park and come back and tell me if marathan could have had or not.

Your mention of hotel accommodation, would be a problem for tourist if any.. though I don't think hotel accomadation in ny would be any problem at all....If ppl need space, i will rent out my apartment... lol....there is no way in hell, NYC is gonna run out of accomdation space... that is just silly talk.

Back to priorities, Let me put it in another way, why don't you feel like the way you feel currently when Bangladesh hosts world cup cricket or day night cricket, while many people get load shedding for 4 to 5 hours each day, or many children go hungry. Shouldn't the government try to fix local power infrastructure before it hosts big events like that - which take away resources?? This is not some utopia man,, that everything has to be in place, for something else to happen. Should I stop eating because some kid in bd is dying of hunger??

Your friend is a victim, so is the couple from switzerland who spent thousdands of dollars to come to nyc to run the Marathon. Why does one take precedence over the other?

To your last para, I am live in NYC too man, and my answer is, NY has enough resources to have run this marathon, it wasn't taking away anything from anyone else.. I am glad yesterday on tv, mayor bloomberg echoed this same sentiment, i was afraid he was going senile but he did say the reason for cancellation was he didn't want controversy.... (again weak mayor very weak).

aar bhai NY public er maramarir kotha aar boilen na.. egula shob pagol.... era black friday teo 5 dollars e kom poisha diya jinish kinar jonno maramari kore..... and ur argument that ppl are fighting for food and gas suppsed to sway me.. haha.. think again.... I been eating the same food past 1 week, u see me complaining...
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