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Originally Posted by Navo
Koyek jon acchei jei kichutei khushi hoi nai.

Ananta Jalil & Co. are too low brow and crass while the Bangla films I mentioned are 'pretentiously intellectual'?

In any case, those were just examples. There are plenty of other telefilms, natoks etc. that might fall more neatly into your 'escapist' category. Yes, we may not have well-made, multi-million dollar action movies yet but its a gross generalization to say that films/telefilms/natoks like the ones I recommended are all 'slow paced' and 'mundane'.
I never said Ananta Jalil is too low brow or crass. I don't know what imaginary post of mine you read that gave you that impression.

In fact, I applaud Ananta for making an effort to upgrade the technical quality of movie-making (although the quality of acting leaves a lot to be desired). I think Ananta Jalil is much closer to making movies that people will actually watch than the others you cited.

While I agree that my remarks are a generalization, they are still true (unfortunately).

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