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Default Petition to ban T20 cricket.

Guys i used to like T20 cricket when the concept came out. It was exciting times and it really did uncover some dangerous batsmen ie Keiron Pollard. It was entertaining watching big sixes and also those sneaky scoop shots over the keeper. Also the death over bowling by particular bowlers was something to admire about. It WAS entertaining.

Now its just annoying. Cricketing nations play waaaaay too much T20 cricket. In T20 most of the time its a one sided match. The game ends too quickly and it just makes me sick hearing about the different types of tournaments like the IPL, BBL, Champions League T20, World Cup T20, BPL, SLPL, PPL, Friends Life T20 and whatever the South African T20 comp is called. And also why cant the names of these comp be a bit more original?

I am derprived of test cricket. I value test cricket over T20 cricket. I just love the white clothing. Ami shaada jinish ke pochondo kuri. The red leather cricket ball with one side scruffed and the other side as shiny as the early morning sun glistening into a shimmering rainbow shows the tactics required for test cricket. I also love the respect of the batsmen leaving the ball outside off. The temperament required in test cricket doesnt match any other sport in the globe. I also love watching those balanced, well timed cover drives. Test cricket requires intelligence. T20 is a fool mans sport.

Why cant they make a test match series as franchise based? I think that would be a good idea. Get all the best test match cricketers around the world and versue each other in test matches. Id like to see the likes of Clarke and Sanga in the same team whilst the likes of Steyn and Starc bowling in tandem. I think this would be more successful than T20 cricket.

I think the cricketing world does not play enough test cricket due to T20s. ICC have gone over the top with T20s which is hurting the game. T20s are just utter crap. I am here to fix all this. I am making a petition to ban T20s altogether. I need peoples names so we can start a worldwide revolution. I say enough is enough. We need to stop this disease before its too late. Im aiming to get 1000 names in this petition. Think of this petition as a medication to get rid off the disease (the disease is T20 cricket)

As i say all the time, test cricket is real cricket.
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