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At it again...mathai tupi lagai, rapist and murderer-der mukti chai.

AL/BNP are bad...horrible leaders, but these Jaamati scum are worse, Khoda-r dol kore...yet they've done nothing but rape & pillage.

No more tear gas shells, no more rubber bullets. Live rounds in the head.

Mujib got it wrong with BAKSAL, but he was spot on with secularism - religion in the hands of the uneducated is a dangerous tool, nothing but destruction.

I'm going to be proactive, next time the govt says it will prevent Muslim extremists Jammat from congregating and calls for Partyworkers to resist, I'll be there bashing in someones head.

The hell with flowery words and democracy.

BNP power-e ashuk, again and again, I'll accept it. But, Jaamat - NO.

Desh bhalobashe emon BNP supporters should work to separate from Jaamat, unless they too are actually Pakistan loving, minority hating, freedom hating scum.
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