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Originally Posted by CricketPagolChele
Turbo Bhai,
BCL (Bangladesh chapati Leage) jokhon campus e bondok/pistol nia joddho kore, hostel-a agun dey, pistol/bondok/logi/boitha/ dia manosh hotta kore, meyeder rape kore, rape-r century kore, tokhon bhai apnar breaking news thake koi? Bangladesh taki BCL ar AL er baper sompotti ? Ora korle jaeej hoia jai? Ora ki terrorirst na? Bhai ek-chokha niti theke ber hoie ashen.. Apnader moto manoshder jonnoy ajke Bangladesher ai obostha, chukh thakite ondho. Keo "RAJAKAR" (pakistani dalal) der support kore, keo abar "RAMAKAR" (indiar dalal) der support kore. Bangladesher dalali korar keo nai.
For every BCL there is a BCD too!! This "hall dokhol" practise goes a long time back... as soon as BNP comes to power, they would do the same and I can bet my life on it... The funny thing is the same AL (BCL) hired goons will work also for BNP(BCD) than.... So when something is this predictable, than it no longer falls in the category of breaking news I guess....

Anyways, I dont think rape is a prominent thing on campus, There was systematic rape by the Pak Army in 1971 and thugs of Jamaatis participated in it... So I hope you wont equate the two... Also if you remember, male police entered the womens hall at night in DU during the BNP regime which created a huge outcry...My point is given our country is dominated by women leaders, I am atleast optimistic that womens equality and rights will be protected by the ladies.
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