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Your post showed that you truly are a sage. However, I would say that there still are a lot of honest men and women in Bangladesh. I met quite a few in Bangladesh this summer. They proved their honesty by their actions, not words.

Originally Posted by al Furqaan
Coach, with two coaching stints in the country you now realize the ugly truth: we, as a nation/peoples, are disgraceful. We have no dignity. All politicians are liars, and in Bangladesh everyone is a politician. Subcontinent in general is a cesspool of corrupt and uncivilized people, Bangladesh epitomizes that.

I was raised by my parents with the understanding that a promise or a commitment must be kept to fulfillment even if it breaks your time don't make such promises! I was taught by my religion that the laborer must be paid for his work "before the sweat from his brow dries." Clearly those who made deals with Coach Fountain and those who contracted you to coach in BPL weren't raised with such ideals.

But knowing this, people like you and Richard McInnes have the passion to continue and try to help a nation that really doesn't care to help herself. We as fans can only salute you and wish we had the same conviction in our day to day lives.

So I ask you, why wait for the BCB, why not put in an offer for the HC job yourself? Get your people to talk to their people. We could use a guy who unlike Pybus is under no false assurance of what to expect once the plane lands.
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