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Originally Posted by F6_Turbo
And your point? I make no apologies about wanting to hunt down mullahs and their lackeys.

Religion of peace - show me a progressive Islamic state.

Enough beating around the bush.
Simple question.... (You can always do whatever you want...try to find out your situation from your points bellow)
-It can't be education.
-It can't be poverty.
-Worst of all, so little tolerance towards each other, let alone those with different ideas (Party).

I don't want to hear about it's a vocal minority (in AL)...or excuses about there are extremists in every religion/society (Party).
I can understand your frustration, just to add to that, there is no chance for 80% population changing from Islam to Hindu in near future, just because you or your party affiliates want ...... Best/easiest would be to settle in India (As desired by you in another thread) and be ruled by Extremely Tolerant BJP leaders...

* Words within () are mine, in the above quoted text..
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