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Originally Posted by AsifTheManRahman

No one forced you - you weren't drafted like in Vietnam. You signed up willingly and you read your contract and knew the consequences if you ever decided not to abide by it.
That's a good point, she wasn't drafted, I don't think female can be drafted. I think it's usually male of certain age - because i remember receiving letters saying I am part of some selective service list.. I wrote in bold letters "no english" and sent it back. Never heard back.

anyways, She is dodging call of duty. I know after being drafted, if you disobey and flee, it is a crime and you can be jailed. Notable case, casius clay better known as Mohammad Ali, refusing to go to vietnam.

This lady i guess would be discharged from military at worst?? without benefits. I am sure she signed up initially for some sort of benefits army provided. Is there is legal (not monetary) ramification?

anyways she is no news in US. I guess no body cares, US probably doesn't even want anyone dishonorable like that. Its up to you canadians....and remember CAD is stronger than USD now, ppl wanna live there .... canada wouldn't wanna open a flood gate...
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