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Originally Posted by SS
I just don't see any reason for anybody (despite whoever supports which moral or party) to be jumping in joy...just wait and see the mess that is suppose to start end of the year ...fiscla cliff and gridlock will make it nightmare for the people who really will experience it close and also to the outside people who not necessary deal with these but will be indirectly impacted for this result....fat cats won't be happy at all seeing those tax increases hence will take measures on lilliputs like us...same like the ceo of the company from florida gave warning that if this results happen he will let go thousands of ppl ...get ready for another fiscal mess and other chaos

So true. Obama may be a nice giy, but I am not convinced that he have the leadership skill to work together with his opponent and make thinks happen. Clinton and Regan had that quality and in a way Bush has the bulling power to get what he wants from his opponent.

Having said that Bush's case is kind of interesting ... Bush got his vote to go to war... that includes ... Senate and Congress vote from both sides.... support from all the major newspapers and journalists even from the most left of the spectrum... and he had the support from most of the people from far right to far left... he got what he wanted even when it turned out that after the fact that now everybody changed their mind and solely blame him instead of accepting their own fault giving him what he wanted without using their brain. Goos or Bad, Bush had his own way to get what he wanted.

I doubt Obama have that capability (Clinton's or Bush's) to move forward with his agenda. Example, Obama care is in a sense glorified Romney Health Plan highly compromised but even then couldn;t draw a single republican vote.

The other example is freezzing Civilian Federal Salary ( not touching defence, Senate, Congress salaries) for last few years instead of really identifying wastage and address that. Is is purely symbolic to please Republicans. But end result there is no favor returned back to him.

These are two cases he compromised for nothing. And to me it shows his lack of savyness, diplomatic skills and ofcourse leadership skills.

I hope next 4 years he proves me wrong and really show his skills and leadership quality as a president becuase i belive we already wasted 12 hears.... losing 4 more years will be too much to handle.
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