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Originally Posted by al Furqaan
To be brutally honest, SN and Junaid will hit at least one fifty each, and in fact I expect 1 ton from their 8 innings. Nazimuddin I expect to fail. Rampaul can easily eat him up. Then again I expected him to crap in his pants against Pakistan. We'll see.

Abul's selection is dumbfounding. Even more so when you consider how many guys have LEGIT claims above him. Nazmul, Al Amin, any U-19 pacer, Enamul, Sajib, Shubhashish heck even Dollar and Robin and Soumya's arm deserve a spot over him!

I've always defended the selectors, by and large, and I have no idea how Akram and company came up with this. This isn't even conservative, its downright coma-inducing!
why do you think abul's selection is dumbfounding? -

I don't see why we should be unhappy about this decision. The coach and team management has belief and trust in him. that in itself does not mean he will start the test match against West Indies. If someone like Shafiul or players you mentioned are picked will they start in the playing XI? knowing that BD normally plays 2 seamers, I assume it will be Shahadat& Rubel. so what happens if Abul is Included as 3rd option seamer?

-- Nazmul should have been included over any of this players.. Nafees or Nazimuddin.--
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