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Originally Posted by Tiger Manc
The only top 5 team England have played a full 5 Test match series with in the last 7 years is Australia. Even the recent battle for the No 1 Test spot with South Africa was a 3 Test match series.

Joe Root averaged 23 on the recent Lions tour to Bangladesh in ODIs. Although that's another format, those are hardly the stats of a 'World Class' opener. Cowan doesn't even average 30 and he's never scored a Test century. Tamim averages 49 against top 5 teams. He averages 63 against England and 58 against India.

Ashwin averages 62 with the ball against top 5 teams and Tahir averages 44. Neither even hold a candle to Shakib's average of 35. Even Lyon averages 37. Only Ashwin has a better batting average but his highest score is only 62. Shakib scored 144 against a Pakistani bowling attack that annihilated England's batting lineup.

I agree Tamim needs to score some more centuries and take his average above 40 to be considered World Class. But I still stand by statement that Tamim could get into the England and Australia teams right now and Shakib could get into the South Africa and Australia teams right now.
It's always nice to see how people tweak the stats to prove a point and strip out games.

I was using seasoned players (not Cowan or Lyon or Root - all of whom are almost unheard of). Shakib and Tamim are well known and always thrown forward as 'legends' of cricket by local fans.

I cannot say that Root, Cowan and Lyon have remotely the same experience!

I also used career stats and not partial stats.

But anyhow, let's hope Tamim and Shakib.. who can get into the England or Australian sides right now according to a few ... can dominate the West Indies and take the Bangladesh team to a well-deserved series Test win 2-0.

Let's come back to this after and see.
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