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Originally Posted by Fazal
In a best case scenario, he may remind us a mashrafee in making. But if he doesn't and he flops big time with no sign of improment and promise...then no harm done.... at some point you cut loss and you realize he may not be ready for prime time and move on with another youngster in the waiting line. In my opinion that's how you search and find the next gem. FB can come and shine early in their lifetime where as it takes time for a spinner to shine and dominate. ofcourse there are always some exceptions.
no harm done for the fans perhaps but irreparable damage done to young careers for sure. If you keep searching for the next tendulkar or steyn among 19 yr olds then you will have to discard many potential talents before you actually land on somebody special. There is no quick fix or shortcuts in cricket and one has to do the hard yards in domestic cricket to improve their skills. God gifted talents will always be few and far in between and chasing after those will surely be a recipe for disaster. A player like Abul has a much better chance of succeeding if he plays more FC cricket before he comes on to bowl to the likes of Gayle, Chaunderpaul
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