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Originally Posted by AsifTheManRahman
So how long will it take for the selectors to move on from him? How long before my eyes are relieved of the pain of watching him spray it all over the place and lose his undies in the process?
BCB should have some guideline about a) When to bring a new young player; b) what is expected out of him; c) what is the realistic duration to to evaluate to keep him or to cut him. We fans may have our own expecation and threshold based on our own biasness and taste, and it will be different for different fans ....which is ok. But BCb should have more standarized guideline (not rule).

Just beacuse BCB may be chosing the wrong person to promote or keeping someone too long is not an excuse to shut down new players for too long. There was too many failures ... but there were also success stories bringing new kids too early like sakinb, tamim, etc.
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