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Originally Posted by Jadukor
no harm done for the fans perhaps but irreparable damage done to young careers for sure. If you keep searching for the next tendulkar or steyn among 19 yr olds then you will have to discard many potential talents before you actually land on somebody special.
If you ask me, there should be guideline, but there should not be "hard and fast" rule how long we should wait before bringing any new players. We shouldn't follow same "cookie cutter" method for all new players. Sakib and Tamim was brought too early and was thrown in the fire, they came back as steel. On the other hand regardless how many times we tried to bring Tushar (with lot of 1st class experiece), he burnt under fire.

Coaches, selectors (should) know more than fans (in general term) who has the potential to bring early and who need more time to mature, and should make decision to bring some players earlier than others. In the process, some people may misfire... that's fine....but we cannot take a position where we don't take any calculative risk at all. Me must take calculative risk with the understanding that some will fail but few of them may shine.
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