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^ Just 37? I saw 1000s of those tweets when the news came out. Those are pretty narrow though. KN took it to the next level. She was completely opposite on every point she made. President vs Prime minister. He vs She. And the best of all, Christen/religious vs Atheist! LMAO!

And that link has some good points on the comment section:

so're going to move from a country because of fear of a socialized healthcare system to one that has an established socialized healthcare system. alright then.
I'm sure none of them can even point it out on a map.
Maybe they believe that abortion should only be legal in the case of dingos eating the babies.
we don't have guns, an inefficient health care system OR the option to supersize at mcdonalds. maybe you should reconsider.
So... if Romney wins... Democrats are moving to Canada. and if Romney wins Republicans are moving to Australia.
Do Americans know both countries have universal healthcare, and are part of a constitutional monarchy?
As a Canadian; I don't think the Canadians or Australians want you guys.
Pffff. What makes them think we want them
Dumb high school kids making us look even more retarded.
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