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Originally Posted by Ajfar
People are complaining only because we suck at it. Had we managed to get to 2nd round of WC you would have seen things like BPL= best thing ever.
I was saying T20 cricket in general. I didnt even reference it to the Bangladesh team in any way. I was talking about IPL, Champions League etc and how T20 is too repetitive and there is way too much of it. As i matter of fact i did even say the word 'Bangladesh' or even talk about the Bangladesh team in this thread. So what makes you think im complaining about Bangladesh being bad at T20s? If you havent realised we suck at cricket in every format so what makes T20 so much different?

All im saying is ive lost that enjoyment in T20s and im sure that alot of people feel the same way. T20s is a game that is too one sided and i made this thread because i really dislike T20s atm and i havent been watching enough test cricket of recent times as well.

And as for the Bangladesh team the main focus should be in tests, not T20s. Test cricket is a much harder skill to master and frankly T20s can wait.
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