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Originally Posted by Sohel
Wanton destruction of property, assault and terrorizing people are illegal things punishable under the law, and we have such laws in Bangladesh. No political "rationale" can possibly mitigate that fact and such criminals and their leaders MUST be held accountable as such regardless of political affiliation, period.

Neither reactionary nor responsive vigilantism is a sustainable solution because both break the law in order to influence what it believes to be justice. That only adds to the original problem. You simply cannot restore law and order by breaking the law yourself, not even a little bit "for the common good", and resorting to extrajudicial means in the process no matter how noble the end appears to be.

We need to allow and empower law enforcement agencies, as corrupt as they are, to handle such crimes as per the letter and the spirit of the law without partisan influence. That's the only way to overcome the vicious cycle of so called "political" violence in a society where the rule of law needs to be of paramount importance. That being said, people also have the lawful right to defend their property and themselves
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