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And now Muhit Shaheb is putting words into Amartya Sen's mouth!

Amartya refutes Muhith
Urges him to withdraw wrong attribution made to him

Nobel laureate Prof Amartya Sen has expressed surprise at Finance Minister AMA Muhith's comments that he made on Thursday attributing to him about Nobel laureate Prof Muhammad Yunus.

In a written reply to a query from The Daily Star, Sen hoped that Muhith would withdraw his wrong attribution to him about Yunus.

Quoting Sen Muhith on Thursday told reporter in Dhaka, "Professor Sen told me that so many good things are happening in this country but they are not highlighted anywhere in the world only because of Professor Yunus."

But Sen yesterday said: “I am particularly surprised -- indeed astonished -- to see his attributing to me a view that is not mine. Indeed, the alleged utterance is not close to anything I told Muhith when we met briefly at the VIP lounge in the Bangkok Airport last month.”


"Among the principal factors behind this widespread global reluctance to say good things about Bangladesh's progress is a shared resentment by a large section of influential intellectuals across the world of the harsh official treatment of Dr Yunus in Bangladesh.

I was not at all accusing Yunus of preventing the recognition and praise that Bangladesh deserves (as Mr Muhith seems to be saying). Rather, I was pointing to the fact that the treatment of Yunus -- and its interpretation in the outside world -- have been strongly inhibiting factors working against the justified acclaim that Bangladesh's stellar achievements could otherwise be expected to get in the world.

I hope Mr Muhith will withdraw his wrong attribution to me, in the light of my reminding him of exactly what I told him."

Talk about twisting words! It's time for him to go. What a disgraceful exit this'll turn out to be.
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