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Originally Posted by roman
Thank You

Chokher Pani Atkanor Cheshtha koreo atkate parlam na..Shei shaddho amar nei. Pakistan khoma chaileo 71 ki bangali ra kokhono bhulte parbe? Kokhono ki bhulte parbe?
It will still be difficult, specially for the families of the victims and those who have witnessed that situation. But, then almost all the stories of the history of wars that mankind has witnessed are like this. There is no pleasure in the history of war for a human beng. Yet a sincere apology can be a feel good factor for them even if that can't heal the wounds, to move forward, considering that these things won't be repeated against anyone. Preserving enemity, hostility & Hatred neither helps the victims nor good for preventing future atrocities. If anyone sincerely apologizes, he should be given a chance of being human.
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