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Originally Posted by al Furqaan
Sri Lanka are an over-achieving team. Kinda like NZ, they punch above their weight.
Yes an over achieving team that managed to reached the ODI WC final not once but twice in the last 5 years. Something that a star full of team like SA has yet to achieve in their cricket history. So how does that make it that they punch above their weight? Maybe they are just that kind of a team that knows when to peak. No one handed them the right to play in the finals, they earned it. You can't put a limit on how much a team can achieve.

Originally Posted by al Furqaan
They don't have any extraordinary talent (Murali, Malinga are exceptions) and they rely more than anyone on the unorthodox.
How far has SA gotten in any WC with a team full of extraordinary talents? After countless lessons we received from our Ashraful, Alok and Aftab, I'm sure I don't have to point out to you talent alone doesn't get you anywhere.

Originally Posted by al Furqaan
Even with Sanga and Jaya they've hardly ever won overseas Tests. They will be tough in their own fortress, but once those guys retire, if we can't leapfrog the likes of NZ and SL - the two least talented sides among the top eight, then we should just stick to rice and fish eating as our national sport.
No they haven't. They are much weaker team compared to the some of the other test nations. And I wasn't claiming that they were. But I don't how that helps us to leap frog them. The reason they struggle to win over seas Test match is because they are up against some top quality Test players and tough conditions. But I can't see them struggling when they face our players in our condition, at least not right now.

I don't think SL and NZ becoming weaker teams gives us a one way ticket to becoming number 7/8 team. We will only move up the ladder when our team becomes stronger and not other teams become weaker. Off coure other teams becoming more weaker makes it more easier for us to beat them, but we have to have the right set of players to get the job done.

Originally Posted by al Furqaan
Gayle, Roach, Samuels, Bravo all have serious talent. I'd rate that above the likes of Matthews, Chandimal, et al.
No one will argue with you on the fact that WI players you listed are much more talented, but that doesn't necessarily make SL any less of a team. Talent alone can't get you far. IMO SL Players are some of the most hardest working players in cricket. Sure they might not be as talented as some of the other teams are, but they always go out their with the right attitude, and give it their best. Things that our players don't do/show enough of. I don't think SL and NZ becoming weaker makes it easy for us to take over them, because in reality had we been working hard and doing the right things more often we already could have taken them over. So the way I see it, we should have been working hard to leap frog these teams all along, not weight for them to become weaker.

I'm sure a lot of people thought SL would become weaker when the likes of Arvinda, Ranatunga, Jaysuriya, Atapattu and Vaas retired, but they didn't. SL will miss Sanga and Jaya when they retire big time, but does that mean their team will fall apart? I don't think so. They will have to go through a transitioning period and will struggle, but they will make it through. We are not the only team that have talented players like Asif, Anamul and Mominul. All teams have upcoming talented players, some more talented than others. But they all need to be developed more before we see the end result, and I think that is where we have the biggest disadvantage. Other teams already have a system in place, while we are still struggling to figure out that system.
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