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Originally Posted by ammark
Sorry for the blanket generalisation, but I will say they do not educate their youth on anything and are in denial over everything. Yesterday on BBC, they were in denial about Malala Yusufzai and believe her story to be a foreign conspiracy. As far as education policy goes, have a read from this on their education policy, written by my father's civil service batchmate from pre-1971.

A steaming pile of crap if ever a country was one. They have only themselves to blame. I dont "need" an apology from Pakistan. I am proud to be a Bangali and Bangladeshi and proud of our achievements inspite of Pakistan.
I thought the Malala issue was getting a lot of positive attention in Pakistan with some minister offering a PIA jet to take her to any hospital in the world, etc. It was also surprising to note quite a bit of public blowback against that mullah who set up that young Christian girl in the blasphemy case.

The funny thing is, with as much double dealing as the Pakistani government must engage in, who knows if they don't have guys on the take from actors as diverse as the Taliban, Mossad, and RAW. Would make for a hell of Clancy novel.
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