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Originally Posted by Navo
Unfortunately the opportunities to play 'A' team matches are few and far between. They are now and they always have been. How long will we have to wait to know if he is truly 'ready'?
That's true, but we do have. It's not that we never have. Recently we had a tour of WI HP team, have we utilized that chance? We have one more practice match with WI and we will have matches in the upcoming series. So we must use these guys to check their preparedness. Because its very damaging to debut a talented player and then dropping him.

Originally Posted by Navo
The current candidates for our no. 3 spot, JS, SN, etc. got into the national team after achieving far, far less than Anamul in the U-19 & Academy stage, even in the NCL that you so deplore.
That was a necessity ..... Like many unqualified people were holding top positions after the liberation of BD, that gave rise to sick organizations and teams... But there was no option. That's also the reason why these players didn't develop as expected. If you auto promote a guy coming first in class 5 to tenth grade, he might complete his education, but he will do it as a sick student...had he been allowed his natural progression, he could be the topper of his batch...we can't keep doing it, I'm sure it won't hurt, if we delay them an year or two and prepare them for this level.

Originally Posted by Navo
At the end of the day, if someone like Junaid, who has 4 centuries in 99 innings and Nafees, who has 5 centuries in 107 innings in our 'picnic-like' NCL are able to go and score centuries against England and Australia respectively, then there is reason to believe that someone who has 7 centuries in 42 innings will be able to acquit himself well.
They are obviously talented, but that doesn't mean that they will do considerably well in the national team. Remember, whenever the national team player play NCL, he faces quality national team players on the other team as well, while the others have a chance to play NCL matches while none of the top players are playing NCL. So, that's supposed to influence their stats. Even one more quality bowler in the opponent team, can really make a lots of difference. That's why, I said that, NCL performance is very deceptive and we really can't make such straight forward comparison.
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