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Originally Posted by al Furqaan
Do you think the franchise based league (if it comes to fruition) will be any better?
It all depends on the details. If the franchised based league entails all of the traditionally neglected things essential to developing our cricket, it would indeed be a qualitative improvement. If not, then we'll see more style but the same pitiful substance.

The NCL will continue to be farcical and a mockery of the FC category until and unless it:

1) Invests in quality infrastructure outside Dhaka in a sustainable way. This means stadiums, a variety of pitches, practice and fitness facilities etc.

2) Invests in quality scouts and coaches. I suggest foreign scouts and coaches mentoring local ones for each one of the 8 teams.

3) Invests in quality players eager to learn from those coaches and work hard on their own to improve.

4) Invests in age-based teams for each one of the 8 NCL teams. This would create not only a healthy pipeline, but also a big enough roster to play all year around.

5) Invests in performance bonuses and pays everyone on time.

Such investment in quality will naturally create better more competitive cricket worthy of being called FC and List A. Prestige based on actual quality rather than simply better marketing is more sustainable.

A lot of people, including MANY BCB decision makers, passionately follow cricket here because of national pride. Sadly they don't understand what's really happening in front of them. They wouldn't recognize quality if it bit them in the @$$. Ego, ignorance, pretension, misguided perception, arbitrary preconceptions and plain old nepotism guide their decisions more than anything else. Stats are easily decontextualized in light of the overall pathology and used in intellectually dishonest ways to justify their decisions.

So it is actually better not to watch any of the games and fantasize how the quality really ain't that bad. Only not being subjected to the casual atrocity known as the NCL will allow us call it FC.

I'll end with a comment about this year's atrocity from a successful NCL batsman. He put up the numbers to justify his reentry into the senior side although by his own admission, successful lobbying had more to do with that.

"This year's NCL still isn't nearly as competitive as the DPL, but more players are being more cautious about staying on the wicket and scoring runs because these numbers look good to selectors who hardly attend the matches. Staying on the wicket isn't really hard when the bowling is toothless and flat the way it has been on pretty much dead pitches. You don't have to move your feet to block and score as long as you're determined not to get out. There are good strike bowlers like Enam and others, but they represent a very small percentage of guys bowling out there."
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