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Originally Posted by shakibrulz
I do find the question boring and discussed to death - but seriously? An instant ban? Out of curiosity, are you a moderator?

Against a second string side - context bro.
context? Man people just want to downplay Bangladeshi wins thats all. None of these articles mention the cheats shoiab aktar was when tampering the ball while about to lose to us, or the cheater weaket keeper latif or whatever his name is taking balls from the ground to appeal for out which was given or the other cheater in Multan try9ing to steal runs when 1 wicket away from defeat. people count that as a loss for bd when writing crap articles like that. But we know exactly what happened.

Regarding west indies, it was then their best 11 that fielding. There is no such a thing as second string team. WI A would be a second string team. They represented West indies in that series. If Shakib and Tamim says, we quit and Bangladesh goes and loses all the games, no body is gonna accept an excuse, it's a second string bd team you defeated, so it doesn't count.

So stop believing all the bullcrap people write or say. bangladesh whitewashed a series in West Indies home ground that most countries have failed in their cricket history. That is a great achievement.....and people need to acknowledge that. If you gonna put your OPINIon (Asterick) next to that series, then I wans asterics next to Pakistani win against us, because they took that series away from us by cheating. Let's be fair.

And Let's respect Bangladesh team. Cricket is so much more colorful because of us.. it's a dying game.
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