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Originally Posted by iDumb
no I am not a moderator, and everyone should be thankful for that. That was my opinion it should be an instant ban because 99% of the time, it would be troll trying to rile up ppl. You don't go to a poor man's house and mock how his house looks, you are a guest there and it's his house. period!
If he is a member here, he enjoys equal right of a member in the forum, irrespective of his nationality, it's his home as much as yours. If he breaks any rule, I think there is a capable team of Mods to take care of that.

it's not your business as a member to talk about banning people right and left in public. You can only report if you don't like something. It seems that you are undermining the sense of judgement of the people responsible for doing it. indecent to say the least.
On Topic: this question is being raised by many around the cricketing world and its there even in the minds of ardent BD cricket fans as well. We need to have an answer through our performance instead of arguments.

IMO, we have made reasonable progress in 12 years and the graph is upwards, probably we could have had a faster progress. If the OP could fix up the expected progress in 12 years, that could keep the discussions more objective, you can't expect BD to start beating the established test nations playing test cricket for 100 years or more, in just 12 years.
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