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Originally Posted by mufi_02
Can we also ask for reparations? I find it very strange that there are no international law like that. I think Germany paid reparation for both WWI and WWII but that was only due to the pressure from European and American alliances. No country should be just left alone after they commit a genocide like that.

In our case, they killed millions of civilians, ruined our economy, destroyed our infrastructures, systematically killed our intellectuals and the list goes on. We don't need to beg them to apologies. Who cares if they do or don't. That won't change any of our feelings to any of the martyrs, the mothers, the sisters, the orphans and their sacrifices. We will still wake up early on 21st Feb and go to Shaheed Minar. We will still hoist our flag everyday with pride. We will still sing Sonar Bangla everyday at school assembly and plaster our roof our balcony our walls with flags on Dec.16th.

I don't care about their apology. I want reparations.
Of course there is provision for reparations in international law! Not only that, bilateral and multilateral pressure can be exerted as well.

Italy agreed to pay $5 billion dollars to Libya in 2008 for their 32-year occupation of the country that ended in 1943. Furthermore, three Kenyans very recently (October 2012) were allowed by the English High Court to sue the British government for damages and compensation for the torture and abuse they suffered during the Mau Mau Rebellion, a seven-year insurgency against the British colonial administration in the 1950s.

These instances show that it is never too late to claim justice and reparations.
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