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Originally Posted by Sohel
That's the basic thing many organizers, selectors and obviously fans simply don't get about the long game. That's why they still obsess over containment bowling and subsequently the bowler's "economy" in tests and what passes for "FC" in Bangladesh. Naturally we have spawned an ignorant cricket culture saturated with the limited over mindset where unforced batting errors with regard to both technique and temperament gets you wickets and nobody cares about the predatory quality of the bowling. Those capable of swing and drift and therefore somewhat neutralizing the dead pitch with movement in the air, are rarely used because they will go for runs every now and then. The concept of buying a wicket is as alien as the idea that grass on the pitch has nothing to do with swing bowling.

These experts and matobbors don't get that test cricket is a bowlers game because unlike the shorter versions, there is no fielding restriction skewing the game in the batter's favor. They don't get the fact the team that gets 20 wickets wins the match, a freakish tie notwithstanding. Add crappy pitches that offer nothing to our bowlers and there you have it.
I don't think it will ever happen and I feel terrible that I keep on following this team which will be like this forever
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