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Originally Posted by Raynman
Not to disrespect this thread but isn't the only indicator that should matter now be the result?

12 years in, I personally no longer care for centuries, 5 wicket hauls etc. Its great for that individual and I'll sure enjoy it but in the context of us a test nation, they really are meaningless. Barring record breaking stats (as a Bangladesh player or format in general) we should not overhype the individual accomplishments.

The only important stats to monitor should be a Win or a Draw, ability to take 20 wickets, being in a comfortable situation to declare , batting out to force a draw or something to that effect.
While I wouldn't be shocked if Bangladesh won a Test in this series, it would still be an understatement to say that WI are favored. They're quite heavily favored. Draws these days are rarer due to the aggressive nature of batting. How often do teams actually bat out 450 overs without some weather involvement or on a pitch that isn't a sheet of paper?

There's nothing wrong with wanting to win or being aggressive or not tolerating anything less than the best. But to expect a team with as dismal a record as ours to magically start winning Tests means is actually not helpful.

I'm not so stupid as to not realize that the object of playing the game is to win. But being all gung-ho about it is no more intelligent than GW Bush's "bring it on" comments. There really isn't much to say if someone refuses to understand that multiple incremental improvements = one big improvement. And to be really frank, its also annoying.
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