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I think what Raynman is saying is instead of counting individual performances, we should be monitoring team performance indicators. Such as:

1. Wins
2. Draws
3. Overs Batted as a team
4. Wickets taken as a team in test match
5. Avg Runs scored per match/Per innings
6. First innings leads/avg scores
7. First innings Wickets taken/Runs conceded.
8. 2nd innings avg scores and Runs conceded
9. Winning Margins.
10. Losing margins
11. Records Brocken .. Partnerships and HS etc
12. Declared innings
13. Match taken to the last session etc

Etc etc should be the focus instead of counting individual performances ... As those are too macro to understand any real progress of the team in test cricket. Instead of the team, we start actually do more focus on players. I do agree with him, if this is the idea...infant we got into this bad habit during JS...he used to bring out these stats to justify progress...we had a lot of debates on it as well,

But particularly in this thread, team achievement should be the only indicators, rather than individual records...that won't indicate the real progress in test cricket as the thread heading says...

Your OP is ok, but may be we can widen it a little more relating to Match outcomes to understand the true, progress.
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