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Originally Posted by HereWeGo
You should check the source of your information...
BRAC is an Non Profit organisation, the profit it makes is invested back in the business and that is only done to make the whole organisation self sustainable. Sir F.Abed does not extract any money from the profit.

Grameen on the other hand does make profit. The reason Younis is more popular is because he came up with the idea of Microfinance and recognized the fact that women are more useful with money than men.

I suggest you watch this interview and check your sources...
I don't need to know it from these interviews, because I have crystal clear idea about the mechanism of their programs, how it works on the ground.

Grameen makes profit but not Younus, he was all through a consultant and has drawn peanuts as remuneration. FHA has a cost of borrowing money at the root...for whatever money goes to each and every branch of BRAC...that goes to FHA. if you want to really know it all, you have to understand it on ground...... Gotta know how MF functions at the branch level.

I don't have any source in between me and my's direct from origin...

I know what NGO means and how they make profit....
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