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Originally Posted by nadim 98
They all pathetic! Brainless idiot, bowls with no plan. They don't even know the basics and you would expect them to take wickets???

SRK is all about his style and Grunt now. He needs to retire for Good.

Rubel: Pls stop playing Test...I know you can be a gd bowler but pls go back to NCL and come back once you can bring your FC avg down to <40. Not before that. Selectors should be blame too. Why pick him if he is not 100%?? And he completely looked out of sort.
I still watch this guy bowl...I lost my emotions as so many years I am saying the same but nothing is happening..nobody cares when I said these pathetic idiot bowlers think they are something...Shahadat had potential but he probably lacks professionalism, not extra hard worker to lead the pace dept, and probably has Sir like mindset...still knowing this fact for over several years BCB failed to develop a good replacement...and Rubel if you are not fit why play...things are going so horrible with team selection, overal players' forms and work ethics, national leagues, management...I think all I now do is to totally give up and just visit BC forum to talk with BC ppl, nothing else...totally frustrated with BD cricket
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