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Default Gayle slams first ball of match for six (Isam)

Inevitable shock treatment of the day
There was an early surprise in store as debutant offspinner Sohag Gazi was given the first over of the match. If there were first-match nerves, they would have increased after Chris Gayle immediately launched into his bowling. Gayle shimmied down the track, and swung the first ball of the match high over the long-on boundary boards. After a ball slipped down the leg side for a leg-bye four, Gayle again lofted one, off the fourth ball, in the same direction but a lot higher. He ended the over with a push towards deep mid-off which fetched two runs and the over cost 18 runs.
Good article, but I am surprised the dead ball catch by Rubel wasn't mentioned.

My favorite part:

Jig of the day
Shahadat Hossain used the short ball quite regularly in the second spell and within two overs, had Marlon Samuels pulling one straight to Gazi at deep square leg. As he stared down the dismissed batsman, Shahadat did a little jig, not quite the wildly popular Gangnam Style, but it had its own charm. The whistle and wink in the end wasn't entirely out of Samuels' gaze either.
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