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Little astonished seeing this coming from you. Don't know if you are defending Hasina or simply stating the events.

The Nowegian /Denmark documentary wasn't a corruption case. It was that the donation was used for programs which was not mentioned in the purpose donation was approved for by another NGO. This was investigated and cleared of the allegation by the Norwegian government. It was found to be a false accusation by one Journalist. Now we can understand who fed that guy to make it.

The only issue Awami League has is that, he over stayed his tenure.... These political junks overstay in the power for years and keep extending their pets years after years in government jobs and this guy is a Nobel prize winner, and it's his own organization. Any other country would have requested him to continue as long as he wants, for the benefit of the organization.

These characterless BD politicians are out to translate their vindictive act /Jealousy into legal matter by leaving their dogs after Younus?? We all know how serious this legal issue is in comparison to everyday violation by the same people. Sorry... These genetically modified high breed corrupt beings aren't worth cleaning younus's undergarments. The people whose entire existence is illegal, akontho jara corruption e nimojjito and they talk about legality...?? And a sensible person would defend these people calling it a legal issue...have we gone so low even as a nation!! Didn't realize...

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