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Originally Posted by reyme
As someone nicely pointed out 4 of the top performing spinners are Enamul, Razzak, Sunny and saqlain and none of them are in the squad. We have at least 2 out of form batsmen in the team. we have a pacer who can't manage 3 wickets in NCL and even went wicketless with over 5 rpo, just came out of injury and still in the team...some off form players need to settle down in NCL...they should not be in top 14.

At least 6 players place is questionable: nafees, rubel, abul, shahadat, riyad, nazim...

This is the first test this year. We had the entire year to plan for this game, prepare for this game in terms of pitch, player selection, gameplan etc. It seems we lacked in all dept.

Sure we can all hope for the best now, but with proper planning, team selection and right strategy i strongly believe we could have won this match...and we all know how desperately we need a Test Win!
Originally Posted by reyme
And if the final 11 was selected by the coach and the captain, then I hate to say this but both needs to lose their position. They are not smart enough to coach or lead a TEST team.
Originally Posted by reyme
When the captain thought of playing 3 of OUR pacers the day before, and thinks we need to pick bowlers who can bowl FAST in OUR pitch, tells you how naive he is in terms of being cricket savvy. Now imagine little more grass and he added Abul in the team! Well you get your wish, get your fielding. What do you do? Start with a spinner! Second pacer can't even bowl 10 overs and the main pacer bowls NO balls than real balls! Imagine what a third pacer could do! Windies would reach 500 already.

Mushy needs to take a course on basics of captaincy, it's amazing how naive he remained after all these years of cricket!

You just said what I am thinking, I couldn't say any better.
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