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Originally Posted by Sohel
We're playing the longest version here guys. This format is the true test of a cricketers skill, temperament and character in a maximum of 15 sessions of cricket spread over 5 days. Performance in a particular sessions or days doesn't make someone a hero nor a zero. It is simply too early to either deify or vilify anyone after just a single day of test cricket.

That being said, The Rajib has totally lost it, excluding his first 5-6 overs with the new ball, and RBX obviously needs more time to get his rhythm back, and a proactive coach like Ian Pont in his corner to do his best. Maybe we can simply outsource our pace bowling and some of the spin bowling as well. Almost any FC performer from India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan will do. A couple of quickies from Afghanistan may also be in contention.
Shahadat has achieved his hard earned average of 50 after 33 tests. Rubel has gotten mighty close to the 100 mark in just his 13th test. This thread is about the continuation of their failures that they have reached this position.
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