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Default How to get a Test Wicket Thread (ideas)

Having waited since the morning to see a fall of a WI wicket, over the course of the day, I realized the tremendously difficult task it is for our bowlers to get a test wicket and hence I would like to dedicate this thread for our bowlers so that we can channel some fresh ideas that would lead them towards wicket taking success

1. Synchronized grunting method: It is obvious that Shahadat's chief weapon has always been his grunt to unsettle the batsman and now that everyone is used to it, the fielders must assist him in enhancing the grunt attack. As he runs up to bowl, all the fielders could grunt in unison with him in order to amplify the effect and truly unsettle the batsman during every delivery thereby resulting his downfall

2. Hire Afridi to do on field commentary: As we all know afridi likes playing jumping jacks on the middle of the pitch during innings break so perhaps he could assist us in that regard during on field commentary and pitch report so that we get more purchase from the wicket

3. Covert Stumping: we could look for stumping/run out opportunities during century celebration or over breaks

4. Silly point suffocation: we could surround the new batsman with 8 silly point fielders in the hope that one or two might be claustrophobic

5. Global Warming: perhaps it's time for more carbon emissions and make the climate even warmer and unbearable for batters so that they give away their wicket in the extreme heat

further ideas are welcome
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