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I'm not going to blame Tamim for being aggressive. That's his game. He's been successful like that, and he will be. You guys wanna join the bandwagon with those 2 morons on the commentary box, go ahead. (Seriously, what's with them? Can they be little less biased and at least PRETEND to be neutral??).

Yes, he got out playing a bad shot. But that was more credit to Sammy, then Tamim. We all know for if anyone regrets playing that shot the most is Tamim. And knowing Tamim, he will come out better in the next inning and try to correct it. Unlike some other players, with that 30 odd runs, he's done for the season.

Talking about done for the season, on the other hand, WTF was Nafees doing? Playing shots after shots after shots? How many times have we seen people in this forum quote Gautum Ghambir saying "I don't try to match Sehwag at the other end"... These guys would learn more about cricket if they visited BC every now and then.

One thing JS did good was make sure no one tries to follow Tamim. Imrul was very good at that.
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