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Very disappointed with Tamim, not because of the way he was batting but because of the way he got out. He was in great rhythm, dispatching bad balls all over the field. But the shot he got out to was a manufactured shot not suitable in Test cricket.
Also all the people saying he shouldn't be blamed because he scored 72, what are you on about. This is one of the flattest pitches with nothing for the bowlers, once you get set you have got to score a big century or as Graham Gooch calls them "Daddy Hundreds". There are times when you will get out for under 15 runs due to good bowling, green pitch, bad form, being unlucky etc so when you get an opportunity and make a start (and 72 on this pitch can only be called a start) then you are set and have to score big to make up for those other times. With the way Tamim was timing the ball, with a bit of luck and good shot selection I really think he could have scored a double century.
Hopefully Shakib, Naeem and the other batsmen don't make the same mistake and instead use this opportunity to score big because this pitch still has nothing for the bowlers.
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