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Originally Posted by reyme
Dear Kalpurush, great summary! FP article. The issues are nicely summarized.
These selectors are doing more harm to this team than anyone else.
Their incompetence and biased team selections are costing us games after games.
Their wrong selection of Shahadat simply cost us Asia Cup.

Take a look at Team India selection for example. They find their strength,
find the weakness of the opposition, come up with a gameplan and decide on the pitch,
Then decide on a balanced 11.

Spin is our strength! And we have neither Sunny or Enamul in playing 11.
Instead we have 2 out of form pacers who had no impact.
These selectors simply lack common sense...

If it was not for the idiotic selection, windies could have restricted within
It's not form, it's their lack of class/ intelligence. One of them averages 50 in tests and other one nearing 90. Need to pack team full of spinners, not that they will do much better but atleast wont be as bad as these two idiots
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