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Default I Expect on Day 3 of 1st Test Vs Wi

Well, even people understand that we have to play at a slower rate than ODIs, but looks like we all have varied bottom lines, when we don't see someone meeting that, we start criticizing his approach, what's your bottom line /Expectations on Day 3 of this test?

1. Rotation of strike and maintaining a particular RR is Mandatory, I want us to look competitive.
2. if they can play another 90-120 overs & avoid follow on and create a chance for a draw, I'm happy.
3. If we can bat even next two days/160-180 overs and still hand over a 100 run lead to the opponents, I will be happy, because then it will be a sure draw....
4. Staying in the wicket isn't important if they can add Quick runs like TI/SN to reach around 500, I'm happy, because we want to win.
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