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Originally Posted by Dilscoop
You cant criticize his game every time he comes short. He's not gonna score 100 every time he comes out to bat.
I don't think anyone wants to see Tamim batting defensively or change his style of playing. But people want him to control that agression. If he can control that a little more, he will win a lot more battles against bowlers. Tamim is our best Batsman, I don't think it's too much of us to expect him to bat a bit more responsibly.

I watched his press conference in the news today. And all he kept on saying was, this is how I play, some days it will work some days it won't. We have been hearing this for a while now. I don't think that's the best way for our best batsman to approach his game. For example let's say we are chasing 300 in the 4th innings to win the game. Do we really want Tamim to just go out there and pick up few boundaries and get out. Or we are batting on the 5th day of a test chasing 500, so we are pretty much playing for a draw. Do we really want Tamim to stick to his usual style and just score a quick fire 50 and get out? If this is how he is going to play regardless of the situation of the game, than how is that going to help our team. While Tamim 's 72 run innings was great to watch, but if we end up losing on day 5 by an innings this innings will have zero effect on the result except for the fact that it would reduce the number of runs we lost by. I'm just randomly throwing an example out there. I'm not saying us losing would be Tamim's fault, but if he applies himself a bit more in situations like this, he could be the difference between us saving the game and losing.
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