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He can stick to his natural game and still be an important player for the team. But if he wants to be a great player, he needs to play according to the situation and need of the's upto him to decide that ... He knows what he can do. If he remains stubborn on "It's my game, this is how I will play" then the team has to learn to set the batting order accordingly accepting him in that role... Just
Ike India does with Shehwag....always be ready to lose him early, if not take it as bonus...

But if he can be a bit flexible and tries to adjust his pace with test match and be more responsible for the team, it can make him a great player...he should understand, even Shehwag or Gayle isn't as aggressive as him in test matches, specially the way he played today was little too much ..... It wasn't flawless either, he was making mistakes and got chances even before getting finally out...
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