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Originally Posted by al Furqaan
I won't put HUGE blame on the selectors. They went with the safest pick. If they had picked Sir Ash or Anamul or Mominul, they could all have failed just like JuSi, but the hope was that JS would grind out a 50 and SN would play a streaky knock and maybe just score a hundred on a flat track such as this..
Well, Anamul or Mominul could fail or could have tons like Powell, Samuels did. But Nafees and Zunaid are proven losers - don`t want to work hard to fix their limitations. Nafees scores a 30 and thinks that he would be an auto choice next time!

SN, just like Gayle, Bravo, and Samuels in the innings gone past threw his wicket away on the flattest of tracks. So did Tamim, who should have gone on to crack 150 minimum and fell halfway there.
Junaid made 7 and threw his wicket
Tamim made 72 and threw his wicket

And you are comparing the two! Both Nafees and Zunaid failed in a pure flat pitch, how you think they will score a ton in the second inningsÉ

I am not against any players, but when I see they lack passions and don`t work hard, no point keep selecting these handsome looking idiots!!
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