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Originally Posted by al Furqaan
Well yeah in Tests Narine is going to be tamed if he plays on Mirpur Road and the batsman don't play shots. And what about not playing shots, he's still going for 4 an over isn't he? You can say that about Permaul, not Narine. Wasn't this pitch even flatter when WI were batting? But thats when we were hearing DMan state that Narine & Permaul were going to run through us. Remember Bishoo too was hyped...ICC rookie of the year, where is he now?
You mean the same Bishoo who took a 5fer in the second test the last time we toured Bang and won us the series? Narine's figures were clearly damaged by the early Tamim assult, since then he's clearly kept things tight, i wouldn't get too cocky if i were you because Bishoo struggled in the first test last year aswell,

As for Roach, did he start swinging the ball on a dead pitch like this - like Edwards could have - in his Aussie 10fer? Did get shape off the deck? If not well he would have figures like what Best has today, because they seem to similar styles. Roach was hammered last time he was here, sure he might have been off form, but I highly doubt he's morphed in 13 months time.
Erm Roach and Best are NOTHING alike at all!! , Roach has much more control and can move it away from both left and right handers, also we played on an absolute roach in england in the second test and he was troubling the batsmen all day, so i doubt he would have struggled here,

At any rate, WI will likely win this game, but this session is the crucial one coming up. Determines whether WI can declare early on Day 4 and give themselves 5 sessions to bowl us out or whether Bangladesh can shave WI lead to the point that WI have to bat another 3 sessions to set a defendable target.
LOL i see what you've done there, you don't wanna jinx your team by saying what looks like being a draw so you're saying we're gonna win!! , i'm not bothered if this is a draw as long as we win the second test just like we did last year.
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