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Originally Posted by Gowza
and what has he got to show for his time with the national team? he hasn't learned much, he's still getting out like he did when he first came to the national team, he hasn't improved at all, he's experienced but it's done him no good. the new generation of players coming through are a lot more prepared than the previous ones, they also have better talent, better temperament, better skills and more consistency. and i'm pretty sure the NCL century is what got him selected.
I agree he hasn't shown that improvement yet, what we expect. But don't be sure that the newcomers will show it out rightly either... Even young fellows from Aus U19 doesn't cope up straight in the test level. After investing so much of time and money on guys like Junaid, you can't shut down without 100% surety that he can't make it at this level. These guys were also NCL/Age gp stars, why they were taking time? Because they weren't adequately prepared before calling for the national team. That time we had a ire situation in the national team. Now we can't do the same mistake of throwing under cooked players in the test team...if there are better prepared, they will take less time to adjust...
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