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Originally Posted by Gowza
the problem is junaid was dropped from the national team and did nothing but a one-off 180+ FC score to get a recall. what a player needs to do before getting recalled is to work on their problems otherwise they'll be just as poor when they return. also imo it's silly to select someone who hits a one-off 180+ score when you have others that are scoring a lot lot more runs more consistenly, that clearly means they are more ready and more prepared than junaid.
Well, I'm not advocating for Junaid. Just used him as the case for discussion. My point is, lets prepare these two guys, until they are absolutely ready, we can chose an experienced guy who ever is the best amongst the available lot. Be it Junaid, Najim, Ik or anyone... For these experienced Guys, you never know who is mentally ready to just takes them to cross that mental barrier in one good match to come out. If they are technically ready...but their time is, until these two are completely, if they fail at this level, we don't need ages to make decision about themselves...then we go by that orthodox process you correct mistakes and bring can't really apply orthodox approach to these earlier lot, because they were born un orthodox ... We isn't prepare them for orthodox mode, that's why we are if fearing...lets do it right with the new generation...IMO
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