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Originally Posted by BANFAN
Most of these guys didn't play regular NCL... Anamul even hardly face our best bowlers in NCL...coz national team players don't play more than a game or two...difference isn't much...he was exposed in Zim...clearly...
Take a look at this match:-

Final game of the 2010/2011 NCL season with national players involved. Still Anamul was man of the match. This was a year and a half ago so you would think he has improved since then. Add his success against the SA Academy, U19 cricket and being very consistent in the past few NCL seasons, and the fact that the number 3 batting slot is open; there are simply more than enough reasons for him to get his chance.
I'm sick of people bringing up the unofficial T20 game he failed in, that's his worst format, and it was only 3 games.Why would you choose T20 as a judgement for his ability to play Test cricket? Fine don't pick him for T20 games but don't keep holding that against him in other formats. Imagine if he was playing in this game, you couldn't get a more docile pitch to debut on.
I would delay giving a debut to Mominul as he is a middle order batsmen and there are no slots free, so he will have to wait for his chance and jeep performing in A teams, NCL etc.
Soumya, Asif Ahmed etc can wait even further as they are still too raw. Only Anamul has proven he is ready and there is a slot available for him.
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